What are Dentures

If you have missing teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, or injuries you may need to have them replaced with dentures. Whether it is one tooth or all of them your dentist in Knoxville, Tennessee, might advise you to decide on dentures. Dentures are synthetic teeth that stand in for your real teeth and keep your mouth healthy.

While some people might be inclined not to invest in dentures, especially if it’s only one tooth that’s missing, it’s still strongly advised. Missing teeth not only cause your gums to atrophy but it can affect the bone structure of your jaw and face.

These days dentures can be made from porcelain or resin. They are usually made up by taking a cast of the patient’s mouth and sending this cast to a lab. The dentures will be an exact match of your precious tooth or teeth. Taking this step can have a big impact on your health.

Why Get Dentures From Our Knoxville Team

If you have missing teeth and you’re thinking about getting dentures you might worry that they are only for older people, or that they will look fake, that they will hurt, or will alter the way you eat or talk. The reality is that modern day dentures are discrete and functional.

If you have missing teeth and you decide against tooth replacement it will not only affect your appearance, and possibly your psychology, it will also influence the health and functionality of your mouth. Without adequate teeth the bone structure in your face might deteriorate over time.

Unlike other tooth replacement options, dentures are very affordable and convenient. Typically there are two types of denture, fixed and removable. Removable dentures are the most affordable option for tooth replacement. Fixed use implants or adhesive to secure the teeth.

What’s the Process

The process of designing and installing a new set of dentures will largely depend on your individual requirements. Removable dentures might be simple to produce and install while fixed ones require a few more visits. For both, however, an initial assessment of the mouth will be needed; this can be carried out at your local dentist in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Following your initial assessment a mold of your mouth is taken using impressions material, this is sent to a lab where your dentures are fabricated. It’s important to take accurate impressions to improve the functionality of the product.

In the case of complete dentures your impressions are usually taken with wax blocks that are shaped in the mouth and give a more accurate impression. The wax is used to create a better impression of the teeth, especially the bite. You may be required to have a trial period before the dentures are finally issued.

Types of Dentures

There are many types of dentures to choose from, eight in fact. These include: traditional/full, partial/anchored, custom, immediate, snap-on, overdentures, upper dentures, and economy. In most cases dentures are the best option for tooth replacement as they’re affordable and accessible. Talk to your local dentist in Knoxville, Tennessee, to decide what type of tooth replacement is appropriate for you.

Our team in Knoxville looks forward to assisting you with dentures.

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