Just like you get false nails and lashes to make them look better, veneers are essentially the dental version of this. A lot of people are looking for ways to improve their appearance. Made from normally porcelain or composite material they are covers made which are placed on top of your teeth. They are designed to give you a straight, even, and aesthetically pleasing smile. They are something that will last long but also require care to keep them looking amazing. Our dentistry in Knoxville would love to give you more information on veneers.

If you choose to go for the porcelain veneers these will typically last 15 years on average which is a lot longer than the average life of composites as they typically will last about 8 years. Throughout the time of having veneers, you may find that the shade and size of the teeth may change as well as the shape. If you have porcelain veneers and there is some damage or a chip it will need to be completely replaced. If however, you have composites you can normally get these corrected and be on your way in a single dentist visit.

There are a lot of benefits of having veneers but they might not be something that everyone wants. By having veneers if you are after whiter teeth it will happen almost instantly rather than a lengthy expensive series of teeth whitening appointments. It also the whiteness and incredible smile will last a lot longer as veneers tend to be very stain resistant.

If you have cracks or chips in your teeth, suffer from a crooked smile or overcrowding which has pushed all your teeth together then veneers are a great solution. All these issues can be addressed by having veneers as well as any tooth gaps you have too. Another benefit is that on your normal teeth enamel erodes over time and doesn’t come back. Once your enamel is gone it is lost for good. Having veneers can assist with protecting your teeth from further erosion and damage to the enamel you have left.

They look natural and pleasing to the eye and are a perfect fit for you and your face. When you see the dentist about this first they will take a molding of your teeth to make sure that they can make the most suitable and natural-looking smile for you. This makes sure they aren’t too big or small for your mouth and are individually sculpted and before long they will feel natural to you and look natural to offer as a result of this detailed care from your dentist.

A benefit of having veneers is that it gives a wonderful smile without an invasive procedure a lot less than having a crown for instance then when they are done your dental hygiene routine won’t need to change. It is the same as caring for your normal teeth. Brush twice a day and have regular check up appointments to keep on top of any chips that may occur and to keep your smile nice and white.

Our team in Knoxville looks forward to assisting you in your journey to brightening your smile with veneers.

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